Compact Classic Version 12

The hefty Canon PowerShot G12 looks almost identical to its predecessor, the PowerShot G11, with the exception of an additional front dial control, which we don't find that necessary since its function is optional anyway. But since the camera has so many buttons and dials already, an extra one doesn't hurt!


The main features the G12 adds are: HD video (no optical zoom) and more image formats. These don't seem like big deals but we appreciate decent HD video quality, and especially the 1:1 square image format. We shot the accompanied Seoul pictures using the square format exclusively.


However, the most important improvement we found is operational speed. In use, the G12 is more responsive than the G11, the focusing and shooting being quicker. Continuous shooting mode is impressive, the G12 can shoot as long as the release button is pressed. The shutter release button is a tad sensitive but we got used to it.


Image quality is excellent as expected, but lens distortion is noticeable at the wide 28mm end. Distortion correction should have been applied in camera automatically.


The camera is hefty, which can be a pro or con depending on personal taste. It's heavy, not pocketable, but it balances nicely in hand and is very comfortable to use.


Overall, this is a great camera with complete photographic control, minding the wide angle lens distortion. Fans of Canon G series will not be disappointed.


>> seoul photo gallery

  • very quick and easy to use
  • excellent image quality
  • full photographic controls
  • classic Canon G design and built
  • good 28-140mm zoom lens
  • effective optical image stabilization
  • excellent 2.7" vari-angle LCD (flip-out)
  • impressive continuous mode
  • RAW, RAW & JPEG modes
  • good battery life
  • HDMI output port
  • remote cable release port
  • external flash hot shoe



  • lens distortion at wide end
  • no wireless remote control

  • classic Canon; a nomad's favorite
  • deluxe compact camera
  • price when tested: $499
  • 11.2010 street price: $480
  • image stabilized zoom lens 28-140mm
  • multi-format: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 4:5
  • 2.8" vari-angle LCD (461Kpixels)
  • 720p HD video
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 10 megapixels
  • dimension: 4.41 x 3.00 x 1.90"
  • weight: 13 oz.
  • PowerShot G12 info @