citinomad reviews digital cameras by putting them to use in the real world. Our main focus is on compact digital cameras, which are very versatile. They can be taken anywhere and can be used for almost any kind of photography. We make photography the highlight of our reviews because we are more interested in taking and sharing pictures than in examining pixels. Each camera review features a photo gallery - which is usually the result of an intensive shoot in a city - and a concise camera report. We normally apply some standard digital processing tasks such as exposure and color corrections to the displayed images.


Selecting a camera to shoot and review is subjective and is based on our long experience of using compact cameras and familiarity with them. The goal of this website is not to test every camera on the market but rather to celebrate our passion for photography and share our experience which we hope would be helpful.


citinomad's ideal is a compact camera (not necessarily tiny) that is easy and responsive to use and that can take good pictures in diverse outdoor and indoor lighting conditions. Advanced manual controls and settings are a plus. We expect the camera to perform well but we don't expect image quality to match in absolute terms with that of a bigger DSLR camera. However, a compact digital camera can be carried along in a pocket or purse at all times. It is more discreet and can capture more pictures in more interesting situations. Today, many compacts can go from macro close-up and wide-angle to 300mm telephoto without a fuzz. Some can even go in the water without any special underwater accessory.


No camera is perfect but a versatile one can open up photographic possibilities and inspire creativity. Using a camera to take pictures is more art than science, each individual has different temperament, interest and way of seeing. We gladly acknowledge citinomad's reviews to be subjective - but only to our own photographic styles and methods. Happy picture-taking!