nomad favorites are the cameras that we really like and can recommend.


For compact cameras, a lower pixel count is more preferable because their image quality is better. Our favorite list is dominated by cameras from three makers: Panasonic, Canon and Sony. Panasonic's camera model name is called Lumix. Canon's line of PowerShot has traditionally been the leader in compact cameras. Sony has been known for its styling, but recent Cyber-shot cameras come with innovative and unique features, such as sweep panorama and hand-held twilight mode.


We also like the new type of smaller interchangeable-lens cameras that provide live view and use no mirror, they give DSLR image quality but with the convenience of point and shoots. Currently, the three leading series of these cameras are: Sony NEX, Panasonic Lumix G, and Olympus PEN. It's hard to go wrong with any of them.

These are our favorite compact point and shoots at the moment.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100

New best all around compact for the serious photographer.

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Olympus XZ1

Olympus's new compact stands up to the competitions.

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Canon PowerShot G12

Latest and greatest of the classic Canon G series camera.

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Canon PowerShot S100

This compact is currently our most favorite camera!

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This is a new type of interchangeable-lens cameras, which uses DSLR-size sensor and delivers DSLR-like image quality. The cameras use live view LCD and electronic view finder rather than the traditional optical view finder. Because the body has no internal reflex-mirror, the cameras are smaller and more compact than traditional SLRs.

Sony NEX C3

Fantastic image quality in a small and user friendly package.

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Olympus Pen E-PM1

Excellent and highly capable, but inexpensive, camera.

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